About IB

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Core business

Informatyka Bogusławski sp. z o.o. sp.k. operates in the IT market. The company's offer is addressed to business clients, including companies from the SME segment, corporations and public sector institutions. The subject of the company's activity is primarily providing high-quality IT services, in particular:

  • cloud services,
  • consulting, implementations, maintenance and development of open-source software.


Providing professional IT services based on proven, open standards and high-quality open-source software.

Why did we choose this path?

We believe that building on a solid and thoughtful foundation, open to ideas, needs and cooperation of other people allows creation of the most durable and useful solutions.

How we carry out the mission?

By providing clients with professional solutions based on open standards and open software, promoting such solutions in business applications and cooperating in the development of open software.

What we offer our customers?

Many years of experience of our specialists, innovation and reliability in solving individual business problems and ready to use, professional IT solutions.


We have been present on the market since 2000, when a service company called Informatyka Bogusławski was established in Olsztyn city, Poland. The following years of existence, systematic development and gaining many satisfied customers resulted in the transfer in 2010 headquarters to Poznań city and the continuation of operations in the form of a limited partnership.


Among others, the following clients benefited from our support: